Sunday, February 25, 2007

Episode 23: Bake This!

Episode 23 is here! Man, the weather here in Sacramento today is interesting today. It's like the sky is taunting us. You go out to enjoy fresh air and wala, Zeus opens a big can of whoop ass. on the other hand if you stay inside, it suddenly becomes sunny and the birds start singing in harmonious joy. Aside weather situations though, today's been pretty cool. I stumbled across the best movie trailer ever:

Saturday, February 24, 2007

Episode 22: Vampires?

Episode 22 is now up! Oh man. Johnny Rocket is the shiznick. Can't say the same for the restaurant though. The environment is cool and all but 10 bucks for a low quality hamburger? Screw that! In other news, I've really gotten into this new game called "Granado Espada". yes, the title is weird but its' a really fun MMO. Basically its like other MMORPGs only theres a few key differences:
1) It has pirates.
2) Rather than controlling on person, you control 3 at a time.
3) You can auto command your party to attack every enemy they encounter or pick up everything they see on their way to a location. Effectively this means that you can set your party in "patrol mode" overnight and they'll spend 8 hours fighting off an endless wave of enemies. What does this mean? You can go from like level 1 to 27 in one night.
4) Pirates.

If you're interested in playing, you can visit the official homepage. The downside is its closed beta right now, but open beta will soon be on its way. I don't know if this game will eventually be pay to play or free to play. Hopefully its the former.

Here's some screens:

Wednesday, February 21, 2007

Episode 21: The Battle Begins

Yet another new episode. Man this one took forever. This is the first time I've broken out of the ordinary format though, so it looks pretty spiffy. Man who knew creating bloodbaths would be so time consuming? I thought killing was the quick and easy answer. Meh' anyway I had no room to include this in the comic but the image of Protoman in this one was drawn by RayOfHope.

Tuesday, February 20, 2007

Episode 20: 300

Episode 20 is now up!! I watched Hero's the other day. Is it just me or are they making that up as they go along? Don't get me wrong, it's a very good series. But every episode ends with one of those cliche lines, like: "Seems like our old friend..." or "I have something to tell you...", etc. Apparently the next episode is suppose to clear up everything. Then again, every episode ends with the hope that next episode will clear everything up. I think the series may have something to do with the solar eclipse. I think in the first episode there was an eclipse and the title is practically an eclipse. It's really hard to talk about that show, because the slightest thing could spoil everything for a person. All I can say is that Peter Petrelli sucked, but now he totally rocks. Hiro is pretty awesome too. who doesn't like a time traveling, sword, weilding asian?

Episode 19: Parties

Episode 19 is up! So I finished studying for my test. I have to say, Assembly Programming is rather lame. I mean it's cool learning it but there are literally no resources for it on the Internet. There's not even any books in my school's library! My teacher is good but his English isn't good; thus, reading through his notes can be a bit tough. Nonetheless, once you get the concept it's pretty cool. It makes me really appreciate how far programming has come...and makes me wish to never have to be a game programmer because apparently assembly programming is big there.

Monday, February 19, 2007

Episode 18: Teamwork Solves Everything!

Finally! The latest episode of ASDKFG that's yet to be released until now. The ridiculous story continues! I know the whole Nobu leaving Square Enix thing is old news, but what the heck! It doesn't hurt to still poke fun at it! I'll be trying to add a new episode every week (if possible). At the very least they'll be one at least once every 3 weeks. That I can promise you (unless I get writer's block or feel like breaking promises). Anyway, time to study for that mid term. Toodles!

Episode 17: Squareenix joins the party...

Here's the last episode I made before going blank in the web comic scene. What did I do form 2004 to 2007? Well I got into movie making and made a 45 minute film that was extremely retarded. it was called Slack tot he Future. it was about my friend Daniel and I attempting to go back in time to warn ourselves to not procrastinate on an essay that was due in a few days. Instead, we make a mistake and end up 2 year sin the future instead of two weeks in the past. We find the world is being controlled by babies and their massive combine army. HO yeah, our time machine is a bicycle that is powered by a Twinkie. When it reaches 15mph we see some serious shit and travel through time. Anyway, we basically join a rebel alliance and try to retrieve the last Twinkie in the world in order to get back to our time. The trailer for the movie can be found here. Also, the teaser is available here. Too see basic information on the movie you can go here. aside movie making, I also got into game making and began creating a game with my friends Andrew and Daniel called Panda Warriors. We're still not finished, but after two years of off and on work it's looking pretty good. Check it out here.

Special Episode: Classical Conditioning

This one was pretty cool. I did this as a special for a psychology class we had to do a project where we had to draw a comic regarding psychological conditioning. i was hoping this would get on his board but he thought I didn't actually make it so it didn't end up there. Plus I don't know how accurately I portrayed the whole classical conditioning aspect. Meh' what the hell. I did an assignment with a bunch of sprites and got 100/100. Sweet. My other assignment with Marvin was even better. We had to write a children's book, so we wrote one featuring a dragon and evil Nazis that hated Jewish dragons and hamburgers. man. My teacher must've thought we were crazy. If I ever find it I'll post it up here. it had a rhyme scheme and everything.

Episode 16: You Can't Handle the Truth

I liked this one. Very simple but somewhat humorous.

Episode 15: We Turn That Into That

You know who rocks? Danny Elfman. That guy can take the crappiest movie and turn it into a master piece with his soundtrack skills. Just look at Batman Returns or Charlie and the Chocolate Factory. That intro piece is just awesome.

Episode 14: The Circus is Coming

I don't know why I'm saying this, but if you didn't know you can click on these comics to make them bigger and see them in full-size. They're called thumbnails people.

Episode 13: Alive?!

Originally, there was going to be another issue in between this one and the previous one that addressed how Sega's Dreamcast logo look so much like Burger King's cinnamon roll. Don't believe me? Well then check it out:

I'm guessing that swirl is actually some sort of magical/hypnotic symbol that convinces you to buy the product. God come to think of it those burger king cinnamon rolls were god awful. They didn't even taste like cinnamon. They tasted more like a fat wrestler's armpit hair...don't ask me how I know that was a rough night...oh Edwardo....

Episode 12: Step Into the Light

Man. I never knew there were so many episodes. Only a few more to go and this blog is totally caught up!

Episode 11: LINK!!!

Who doesn't love Link? By the way, this shirt is awesome. If you like it you can buy it here.

If I wasn't a poor college boy I'd so that...

Episode 10: Pants...

The pants idea came from a friend's buddy profile. I found it ridiculously hilarious for some reason.

Episode 9: What Light wants, Light gets...

Episode 9! Wooot! I remember that list taking a while. I think I even added more random things at the very bottom of it.

Episode 8: Wily's Plan...

Scrubs Quote: "Dude Hooch is literally crazy." God I love Scrubs. There's so many cameos in that show. I mean Hooch is Mr. Mosby and if you never noticed, Dr. Franklin is actually Hiro form Hero's. Hiro is even in Austin Power's 3. Remember the "Godzilla" scene? He's the one that points out the copyright violation.

Episode 7: More Hunting...

Like Proto, Sonic is an awesome character. It's too bad Sega's been going downhill. I tried the latest one for Playstation 3...major let down. The graphics aren't even that amazing. They should really try to mix it up, I mean come on...the whole chaos emerald thing is getting old. Sonic is cool, but when it comes to game play I think Nintendo's Mario has it down.

Episode 6: A Hunting We Will Go...

Sigh...I just remembered that I have a midterm in Assembly Programming tomorrow. Oh joy.

Episode 5: It Really Begins...

There's actually a plot being formed here. This is where things start to get creative...

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